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Interested in upping your FL Studio skills? In this guide, we’ve listed some of the best FL Studio courses & tutorials to help you get started.

  1. Fl Studio Classes Free Online Courses
  2. Fl Studio Classes Free Classes

Fl Studio is a popular digital audio workstation with every tool needed to make your own music. Audio production is easier than it looks, and these FL Studio courses teach you to make your own songs and beats from scratch.

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A beginner FL Studio class will show you how to navigate the interface, access files in your media library, and put together a simple track. You will also learn to use plugins and understand enough music theory to make your own melodies. Intermediate courses cover mixing techniques, song structure, and the creation of sound effects.

You will need a copy of FL Studio to take these courses. Once you learn to make basic tracks, you’ll have the skills needed to express your own musical ideas in a professional way.


Table of Contents

1 FL Studio 20 – Music Production In FL Studio for Mac & PC (Udemy)

2 Millionaire DJ: FL Studio 12 – Pro Music Production Course (Udemy)

3 FL Studio Beginner Music Production Course (Udemy)

4 How to Make a Track Like Martin Garrix (In FL Studio!) (Udemy)

5 Make Your First Track Like The Chainsmokers (in FL Studio!) (Udemy)

1. FL Studio 20 – Music Production In FL Studio for Mac & PC (Udemy)

Instructor: Martin Svensson
School: Udemy
Enrolled: 5,000+

Martin Svensson is a producer and a musician with over 20 years of industry experience. He wants to see you join the business with this simple class that will get you making music in just one day.

Martin’s class teaches you the basics of FL Studio. The first lesson starts on the download page, where he helps you choose the best version of FL Studio for your needs. The lessons continue with an extensive overview of the interface and a walkthrough that helps you create and finish your first project.

This Udemy class has nearly 5,000 subscribers. It includes over 5 hours of video lessons that range from beginner tutorials to professional tips. Students who complete this course will be able to make intermediate songs in FL Studio; this is a great place to start before you learn the specific methods of your favorite genre.

Course Highlights

  • This class covers the basics of FL Studio with some industry-specific tips.
  • Lessons can be followed with both free and paid versions of the program.
  • Students are given a free sample pack to work with.
  • The instructor promises to teach you FL Studio in a single day.

2. Millionaire DJ: FL Studio 12 – Pro Music Production Course (Udemy)

Instructor: Evan Humber
School: Udemy
Enrolled: 4,000+

Evan Humber’s Millionaire DJ class teaches you to make music like a professional. Humber doesn’t want you to be scared of FL Studio; he wants you to be excited. His class includes everything you need to make high-quality songs using real industry methods.

Humber’s first lesson jumps right into FL Studio’s interface. As soon as you can find your way around the dashboard, Humber introduces you to the frequency spectrum with an in-depth lecture on equalizers. From there, you’ll learn how to use compressors, synthesizers, and other important tools.

Next, Humber teachers you how to create and mix your own track with the skills you’ve learned. This course walks you through two complete songs made at a professional level. Humber’s advice and easygoing commentary help you through the lessons; a quiz after every section makes sure that you’ve been following along.

This FL Studio course treats the program like a real digital audio workstation; the skills can easily be transferred to another program of your choice. If you have questions, check out the student forums or message the instructor for personal advice.

Course Highlights

  • This course discusses every major component of professional song creation.
  • Students learn to use equalizers, compressors, and synthesizers.
  • All students are given a free download of the samples and plugins used in the course.
  • Evan Humber answers student messages and provides detailed tutorials for every lesson.

3. FL Studio Beginner Music Production Course (Udemy)

Instructor: Xcaler Beats
School: Udemy
Enrolled: 2,500+

Learn to make gritty hip-hop beats with this beginner FL Studio course. Xcales of Xcaler Beats wants you to get in the fast lane and start making beats in as little time as possible.

This course walks you through making your first beat in an hour and a half of detailed video lectures. Once you’re comfortable with the interface, Xcales teaches you to make Type Beats in the style of your favorite artists. Xcales puts his entire production process on the line; he includes melody techniques, basic music theory, and tips designed specifically for FL Studio.

This class comes with free digital resources for all students. You will have access to several WAV loops, high-quality sample clips, and a PDF eBook with starter tips and tricks.

Xcaler Beats is a German audio production studio that sells premade Type Beats to artists. Xcales’ music is straightforward and approachable; this clarity is also visible in his easy-to-follow tutorials.

Course Highlights

  • This class teaches you to make Type Beats in your favorite style.
  • Learn the basics of FL Studio with an easy-start method that gets you making music.
  • Students can download free sample kits to make their first songs.
  • Bonus videos at the end address the early stages of mixing and completing a song.

4. How to Make a Track Like Martin Garrix In FL Studio! (Udemy)

Instructor: Colin Warn
School: Udemy
Enrolled: 1,000+

Colin Warn teaches you to make a track inspired by Martin Garrix in this intermediate FL Studio tutorial. You’ll learn to make synths from scratch, create specific sound effects, and layer your tracks in a unique audio style.

This course is not intended for beginners. Colin recommends that you already have experience with FL Studio; you should be able to add patterns, link tracks to the mixer, and generally find your way around the interface. First-time students are encouraged to take his beginner class to make their first EDM track.

Martin-Garrix style songs feature heavy use of synthesizers and sweep effects to create an exciting audio palette. Every sound in this course can be made with free audio plugins; students only need to bring a copy of FL Studio and their previous experience.

Colin Warn is a ghost producer who specializes in electronic dance music. Although this specific course has only enrolled 1,000 students, Colin has taught various audio production techniques to over 15,000 Udemy users.

Course Highlights

  • This class teaches you to make electronic music in the style of Martin Garrix.
  • Students learn to make their own synthesizers and sound effects from scratch.
  • Every sound effect can be created using free plugins that anyone can access.
  • The video lessons also cover automation, mastering, and several other intermediate techniques.

5. Make Your First Track Like The Chainsmokers in FL Studio! (Udemy)

50+ Reviews

4.7 Rating

Colin Warn is back with another style-based Fl Studio tutorial. This beginner course assumes that students are making their very first FL Studio track. The class includes a program overview, track creation, and the specific tools and effects that give the Chainsmokers their unique sound.

This class uses a Chainsmokers-style track to teach the basics of audio production. In addition to mixing and melody creation, you’ll also learn to automate your tracks and add interesting sound effects. Chainsmokers songs often feature sweeps, reversed sounds, and faded vocals; Colin will teach you to use these techniques in your own tracks.

Fl Studio Classes Free Online Courses

Colin’s classes are intended for FL Studio 12, but the techniques he teaches can be applied to most digital audio workstations. The course addresses finding, downloading, and using third-party plugins to make sound effects. He also teaches you how to complete your tracks and publish them on platforms like iTunes and Spotify.

Fl Studio Classes Free Classes

Course Highlights

  • This class helps you mimic the sound of the Chainsmokers.
  • Colin addresses basic audio production techniques with straightforward explanations.
  • Students learn to find and download their own audio plugins.
  • The course covers every step of track creation from concept to digital publishing.

FL Studio is a feature-rich digital audio workstation with many different musical applications. These courses will teach you the basics of track creation, mixing, and editing. Find an instructor who makes music that you enjoy listening to, and learn to mimic their style. Once you’re comfortable with the program, explore new plugins and different virtual instruments to create something truly unique.

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